Products and Services

High Performance, Flat Bed, Thoroughflow Dryer

This high performance, flat bed, thoroughflow dryer combines high drying performance with superior drying characteristics on a non-ironing, non-metallic belt.

When installed with the unique vertical web path coupled with continuous drying on both the up and down passes, significant floor-space savings can be made over its rivals, making it ideally suited to minimise the length of new lines or retrofit into existing lines to match improvements in hydro-entanglement running speed without adding to length of line.

High Performance Thermal Bonding Equipment

Phoenix flat bed thermal bonding equipment provides advanced technology for the processing of high quality industrial and domestic textiles.

Production output, often impaired through poor design where attempts to increase throughput can only be achieved by temperature adjustment which itself can create adverse effects on the finished product, have highlighted the flexibility and in-depth knowledge of the process applied to the system design.

Environmental Control

In the wake of new environmental legislation within the industrial drying sector where solvent based coatings are widely used, Phoenix Dryers have extended their services to offer a thorough technical process evaluation service aimed at existing and prospective clients to meet the changes with confidence.

Phoenix Dryers technical engineers are equipped with the latest monitoring equipment for air flow, pressure and temperature measurement along with portable flame ionisation detection equipment (suitable for zone 1 hazardous areas) to determine levels of fugitive emissions.

Thermalayer Precision Laminating Machine

Phoenix 'Thermalayer' flat bed laminating machine for continuous operation of double or multi-layer lamination. High thermal efficiency and exceptionally accurate temperature profile, both cross-width and longitudinally, is achieved by the convergence of two endless PTFE glasscloth conveyors sandwiching the dual or multiple layers of substrate.